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Customized Costumes

Velvet Pleated Dress

Last Christmas, we couldn’t invite friends over because of the pandemic. Nonetheless, we had our little celebration at home with a small tree, cookies and of course a special new dress. This velvet pleated fabric I found at my local fabric store was the perfect christmasy red and cozy for Delhi winters. This is a …

Customized Costumes

Book Fairy Costume

What else would a book worm like Miss S want to be for Halloween but a Book fairy! And an eco friendly one too. I took up the challenge and immediately started rummaging for an old novel with a hard binding, already excited and filled with ideas.Carefully folding some paper in cones, some in fans …

Customized Costumes

Witch Apron And Hat

I’ve started getting to know the instagram app better and I came across the term ‘sewist’. And it’s such a perfect word meaning- someone who sews. And for someone who is so passionate about costume designing, Halloween is the perfect holiday to bring up all the crazy and fun ideas that are otherwise dormant round …

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