Unicorns and rainbows are what my little girl would dream about and talk about all the time when she was in kindergarten.I knew a unicorn themed sixth birthday party would be perfect that year. And so my quest began for all things rainbow and glittery.

The backdrop is made with super sized flowers and leaves using card stock. A golden and glittery unicorn horn and ears along with these beautiful eyelashes and a birthday banner. A few supersized foil balloons and voila! The wall looked party ready!
Every birthday in our home starts with a special Indian meal and blessings from elders. This year my parents were visiting us which made the day extra special for Miss S.
I made this beautiful unicorn headband for her to go with the theme which she rocked the whole day.
I designed this mesmerizing tutu gown for Miss S and a tiara and bracelet to match. Find out more about this costume here .
A customized canvas painted for using as a photo prop and which now adorns her bedroom wall. My little girl leaves a sparkle wherever she goes!
I used a hula hoop to make this unicorn frame prop which was a hit amongst our little guests. The smiles say it all!
This customized unicorn piñata with the birthday girl’s initial added to my party decor and the kiddos had loads of fun collecting the goodies.
At the end we had a euphoric little girl with wonderful memories. If you like this post do leave a comment and share your views!