Hello lovely readers! All of us know at least one person who is a huge Harry Potter fan. I have been one since the first book was released in 1997 and I know a little muggle who wishes to study in Hogwarts!
When I noticed Miss S growing into the bookworm that she is now, I introduced her to Harry’s magical world. She was seven then, and in a few months had devoured all the seven books. We have a fun ritual – she reads a book and then we both watch the movie based on that book together. My little potterhead would be in awe watching her book characters come alive.
Her eight birthday party had to be Harry Potter themed! This post is all about the incredible evening when I managed to turn our living room into Hogwarts!
I have been meaning to write this post for a long time now. The International Harry Potter Day, 2nd May, seemed like a perfect day too. But the past few weeks have been crazy with Covid getting the better of us.
As we recover and take things slowly, writing a blog post about Miss S’s special day with her friends and her favorite book character is what brings a smile on my face.
On the morning of her birthday, I had arranged for Miss S a scavenger hunt. She went around the house looking for clues and discovering everything that’s required to study in Hogwarts!
We started with the official letter that I copied from the book and changed the name, then she went on to find her glasses, wand and Hedwig! Next came the sorting hat and as proclaimed by it, the Gryffindor robe
Evening party began with a very important witches and wizard check at the entrance. It’s essential so they could enter platform 9 3/4 isn’t it?
Our little witches and wizard were mesmerized with the party backdrop and went right ahead playing and posing with the different photo props handmade by me.
It took me several hours to get the shape right for the sorting hat. And finally I was able to give it the grumpy serious look that its known for😆
Look how perfect it is on the little darlings taking turns wearing it.
The Harry Potter glasses were the simplest to make and were stunning on the little diva posing in them.
‘Have you seen this wizard?’ Nope. But I have seen a cute girl holding that sign. And this cutie was also in love with her sequined jumpsuit, with a fun twist. More details about the birthday dress here.
The Gryffindor robe, designed using velvet fabric with a felt patch sewn on it became this super adorable little friend’s favorite prop.
Now Miss S sometimes plays dress-up with her robe and wand, casting spells on everything around her.
The customized Harry Potter picture frame prop helped capture endearing moments with cute little friends.
I also painted two small canvases that served as props and now adorn the walls of Miss S’s room.
After playing and posing with the photo props, we were ready for the next part of our party. I had arranged a ‘herbology class’ and a ‘potion class’ for the little witches and wizards.
The kids had immense fun potting succulents in the mini owl potters I found at my local vendor’s and making glittery slime. These were part of the party favors too.
Piñata time! The Hedwig piñata was the star of the party. I made this piñata with several pull strings so each child gets to hold and pull a string.
After collecting the goodies, we put on a Harry Potter movie for the kids to cool off and relax while I got the cake and snacks out and ready to serve.
This chocolate cake decorated with fondant is my take on Harry Potter themed cake. Complete with a wand, golden snitch and Harry’s glasses, it indeed was a show stopper!
‘Blow out the candles and make a wish!’ Her friends and family gathered around her was the biggest blessing of the day.
After cakes and snacks, the little guests played with their wands casting spells on each other. I forgot to take a picture of the food table but I remember the fun conversations and the happy faces around it.
Miss S is truly blessed to have such a wonderful group of friends and to thank them for making her evening extra special I handmade and customized A brown paper bag and filled it with a book, handcrafted wands and candies.
It was such a fun evening, filled with giggles and laughter.
‘But Mumma you really know magic!’ said Miss S as she gave me a tight hug and a kiss before dozing off to sleep. And that was my gift.
If you are planning a Harry Potter themed party feel free to borrow these ideas. All I request for is that you give me credit for them.