What instantly comes to your mind when you think of fall? For me it’s pumpkins, Halloween and jack-o-lanterns. The year was 2019, Miss S was 8 and as we now call it, this was pre-covid times. She and her best friend decided on being jack-o-lanterns for the Halloween party that year. And I was so elated at the prospect of making twin costumes for these little cuties.
This costume consists of a tulle skirt and a tie back crop top. The jack-o-lantern eyes, nose and mouth on the top is made with felt cutouts.
No costume is complete without accessories. I made pumpkin wands and pumpkin headbands for the little sweethearts. The battery operated t-lights on top of the pumpkins add the extra flamboyance to this outfit.
These little munchkins dressed up in style with their choice of face paints had an amazing time at the party, twirling and dancing with such glee that for a while I went back to my childhood. As I always say, the smiles are worth all the effort I put into designing these outfits.
At the end, we had a very tired but extremely happy little jack-o-lantern!