I’ve started getting to know the instagram app better and I came across the term ‘sewist’. And it’s such a perfect word meaning- someone who sews. And for someone who is so passionate about costume designing, Halloween is the perfect holiday to bring up all the crazy and fun ideas that are otherwise dormant round the year.
This was the first Halloween after the Covid lockdown and Miss S was invited for a play date with her bestie. A Halloween play date if you will. So I needed to come up with a quick dress up option for two little girls and fast.
I’ve always enjoyed making apron costumes. They are easy and quick projects, size can be eyeballed and they can be reused quite a few times as well.
So these two witch aprons accessorized with a felt bat embellishment on the waist were perfect. I also made felt witch hats with the same embellishment to put the costume together.
The laughter and giggles were the most precious part of the evening. Little happiness, big smiles!