Terrific ten! That’s how old our baby girl is now. Her first double digit birthday and we couldn’t be more excited to bring it in a special way.
An Earth enthusiast, an eco conscious child that she is, her only wish was an eco friendly – zero waste party with her friends. It’s been two years now that we’ve ditched balloons and plastic decorations and we wanted to keep it that way this year as well.
I made this single piece of number 10 prop this time with recycled paper fans and rosettes from her book fairy costume. You can know more about this special costume here – Book Fairy Costume
Miss S was super elated about her birthday dress, a breezy halter neck high low dress. Know the details of this amazing dress here.
A butterfly cake in her favorite color, purple, and a small picnic with sandwiches and chips was all she asked for and mommy delivered!
Surrounded with love, laughter and giggles, friends and family who love her to the core, our ten-ager couldn’t have been happier. And like every year, a tight hug, a sweet kiss on my cheek and a ‘thank you mumma for the best birthday ever!’ was all I needed to hear.
So if you are looking for eco friendly ideas for a celebration, feel free to borrow some from here. Much love, Madhulika.