With the pandemic wrecking havoc in our lives, the festival season brought the much needed cheer in my family. Struck at home with no access to the local fabric shops, I dug out one of my saree for Miss S, because like each year I wanted to make her a special dress for pujo.
And then all of a sudden my sewing machine broke! Yup, I was to be blamed for this since I plugged it in in the wrong voltage adapter. There was no option to get it repaired as well. So, I cut out a simple pleated skirt and a top with shoulder ties and started sewing with my hands. It seemed to take ages, but the end result was a fabulous attire !
Check out the adorable jewelry set Miss S is flaunting. This has been handcrafted and customized by my friend Kiran Sinha. You can visit her Instagram and Facebook pages to check out all her amazing creations! We are huge fans!
Miss S has worn this dress multiple times since it’s so comfortable and has all her favorite elements – long skirt, tassels and pink color!