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Themed Parties

Garden Party For Tenth Birthday!

Terrific ten! That’s how old our baby girl is now. Her first double digit birthday and we couldn’t be more excited to bring it in a special way. An Earth enthusiast, an eco conscious child that she is, her only wish was an eco friendly – zero waste party with her friends. It’s been two …

Themed Parties

Harry Potter Birthday!

Hello lovely readers! All of us know at least one person who is a huge Harry Potter fan. I have been one since the first book was released in 1997 and I know a little muggle who wishes to study in Hogwarts!When I noticed Miss S growing into the bookworm that she is now, I …

Themed Parties

Unicorn Themed Birthday Party!

Unicorns and rainbows are what my little girl would dream about and talk about all the time when she was in kindergarten.I knew a unicorn themed sixth birthday party would be perfect that year. And so my quest began for all things rainbow and glittery. The backdrop is made with super sized flowers and leaves …

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